Friday, 28 June 2013

Happy Kitchen!


Have you seen the part 1? Hahaha, agak awkward part 1 sebab lama tak berdepan dengan camera kata kan. Alright kali ni stock Donut with icing yang sangat lah sedap. I suggest you people out there! Kalau   tak tahu nak beli mana satu try yang Donut ini sebab ia sangat sedap and have safe ingredients. 
(Jangan lupa beli tau!) Things what imagine when i eat this, rasa macam kat Japan tgh makan kuih comel comel. Just kidding! But yeah taste so amazing, sorry tak dapat buat review macamana dia rasa sbb camera battery problem padahal dah charge semalam tu. Hms. Okay toodles!

Poppin' Cookin'


Lately, i watched so many video about Japanese Candy Food on Youtube. When tiba-tiba i saw this video featured on my Youtube list. I don't know why.. when i watch the video my feelings rasa macam "Fuh!! Seronoknya dah lah cute!" Mula-mula tengok sekali then tengok lagi tengok lagi tapi different recipe lah of course and i saw not many but a lot of Youtubers are posting about it. So exciting when they can tell us how it tasted like. So i decide to buy it, i knew it thing ada kena mengena dengan Japanese food store. So i bought it 3 boxes. Sushi set, Bento Set and Donut ke Cake set.
By the way, yes i did a research about it. Before you buy please check the ingredients. I suggest you to buy shop name "Shojikiya".. price RM16. But if you bought it online you can get RM25 and much much more unique recipes. Bought mine at One Utama :)
 Imma posting the Sushi Set first. So enjoy!


Monday, 24 June 2013

June 2013, Summer Haze!


Oh first of all. Sometimes my title came out 2013 sometimes 2014. Urgh. So this month is my cuti sem month. So i kinda manage to edit few of videos.

9th June

Hasreey Omar is officially married! God cuzzy, time flies so fast! Congratulation & our new Che Som's member Athirah Wong!

(These are the pictures taken from my phone, will update more soon!)

13th June 

Guess who birthday?! Rayqal Rayyan birthday! Last minute celebrate at Zam Zam cafe (the best chill and lepak space evah) Happy Birthday RR! Oh aunty ina make you rainbow cake with M&M on it!

23th June 

So momsie, got us a ticket to Sunway Lagoon. Its Chicken Run, organized by Kenny Rogers Roasters. We have so much fun, evotho sana pack macam Sardin. Hahaha. Nak naik yg Tornado thiggy tapi fuh dia punya beratur macam nak naik bukit punya beratur. We were so damn exhausted after that we decided to eat Yusuff Tomyam, Bangsar. Nyummmeh. What a great day i tell ya. 

(will update more photos maybe?)


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